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Example scenarios where computer forensics is required

When do you need computer forensics? Common scenarios where computer forensics investigations are conducted can include things like employee internet abuse, computer missue, fraud involving using computers, accidental company data disclosure,  data theft, industrial spionage, deliberate disclosure of company data, damage assessment and limitation after a computer hack (incident reponse) and any cyber criminal activity in which a computer, tablet or mobile phone has been instrumental. A computer forensic investigator is instructed to acquire, examine, analyse and report on all...

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What is digital forensics?

What is digital forensics? Computer forensics otherwise known as "digital forensics" is a process of electronic discovery to acquire digital evidence, analyse facts and report on a case by examining digital devices such as computers, hard drives or any other storage media or network conducted by a suitably trained computer forensic analyst in order to investigate a claim or allegation. Computer forensics involves 4 basic steps: Acquisition and collection of data Examination Analysis Reporting The forensic investigator must be suitably...

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