You Can Hire A Computer Forensics Analyst Representing Your Clients London Courts as Computer Expert Witness Services

Computer Forensics Experts Can Attend UK Crown Courts

Computer Forensics Experts Can Attend UK Crown Courts Supporting Your Case

Compute Forensics Lab digital forensics experts have represented many private and business clients in UK Crown Courts as computer expert witness in a wide range of cases involving collecting, analysing and reporting digital evidence in computer devices such as PCs, Macs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, hard drives, memory sticks and network connected computers and servers. Information technology has created a massive challenge in the legal industry across the world and Britain is no exceptions.

In some of the cases we handle on behalf of our corporate or private clients, we are required to testify in the the court. Following completion of a digital forensic examination report and presenting it to the solicitors who commissioned it, we might be asked by the judge to attend court and explain or clarify our report.

Computer expert witness services

We can act as an expert witness in a civil or criminal case. Sometimes, the court in a criminal or civil case, may appoint us as joint single expert and report to the court directly. As investigators and examiners of digital footprints, our computer expert witnesses will be in a great position to represent our clients enabling them to argue their case in the court with a view to obtaining the best possible outcome. Therefore, the role of a computer expert witness can be highly critical in the outcome of any legal case in the court.

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