Matrimonial InvestigationsUse of computer forensics in matrimonial investigations and divorce cases – How we can help if you have suspicions about your spouse

The obvious signals that your spouse is up to something or is unfaithful to you, could range from spending a lot of time ‘at work’ or perhaps more time than normal ‘out with friends’ or the excessive use of computers chatting with “strangers” using chat rooms or webcams or excessive screen time with mobile phone or tablet. Other signs requiring a matrimonial investigation, may involve your spouse spending a lot of time with his or her Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat friends using a computer, mobile phone or a tablet. The more subtle indicators that you are being lied to, are pretty hidden from you. Matrimonial investigations become necessary if you consider yourself less computer-savvy or not too familiar with computers or the Internet and its intricacies.

In situations like this, a computer forensics specialist can help you uncover what exactly is going on. Computer Forensic Lab can identify the truth by examining your spouse’s computer hard drive, mobile phone or tablet to see what websites, e-mails, chat logs and other pieces of useful information can be investigated to help you find out the truth. Once the information is collected and documented and you have had time to go over the data, you will then have the evidence to either believe that your relationship is still solid and there isn’t any lying and cheating occurring or if there is evidence to the contrary, the evidence found in your spouse’s computer can help you evaluate your options and possibly file for a divorce with solid digital evidence in your hands.

Matrimonial investigations in digital spaceWhat type of information can be collected?

The types of information that can be collected by a computer forensics investigator can include exchanged e-mails, texts, whatsapp messages, Facebook or SnapChat private messages, Tinder searches or exchanges, documents, images, calendar files, sent/received mobile calls, mobile chat history, internet search history, keywords searched, websites visited, file downloads, online banking activities etc.

Computer Forensics Lab use their specialised expertise and advanced investigative software and hardware tools to identify, trace, recover and restore formatted, corrupted, deleted encrypted or hidden files from computers, other electronic media or enrcypted volumes while maintaining crucial data trails, time, date stamps and chain of evidence. Computer Forensics Lab is able to untangle the web of computer data and analyse all the acquired from various sources. See WHY YOU MIGHT NEED A COMPUTER FORENSICS EXPERT IN YOUR DIVORCE CASE.

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