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Digital EvidenceComputer Forensics Lab experts will dig out and examine all the digital footprints left on all seized computer-related assets to assist you in your criminal or civil case. Expert examination of digital devices containing user activities, user data and meta data to help you win your case. MORE..


E-DiscoveryWe can secure, search, locate and organise electronic data stored on any electronic media such as hard disks, laptop computers, media players or any type of digital media in order to assist lawyers, solicitors, investigators, detectives or law enforcement agencies. MORE..


Incident ResponseDigital Forensics Lab experts have lead and handled numerous incident response teams helping businesses to detect and prevent any such incidents by implementing plans to secure the entire company’s IT infrastructure with professionalism, precision and discretion. MORE..


Where we can help:

Computer Forensics Lab can help all individuals or companies in digital trouble. For example, we can find out whether you or your company has been the subject of online trolls, bullying, harassment, hacking and stalking on Facebook, Twitter, other social media or any other internet space. Digital forensics investigations is a core service offering: MORE..

If your data, reputation, finances or mental health has been affected by any online or offline computer malpractice, we can carry out a computer forensic investigation on your behalf and identify all the culprits and collect all relevant digital evidence so that you can act on it or take legal action if required.

Typical clients using our computer forensics services:

  • UK Local Councils and Local Government
  • Employment and Industrial Tribunals
  • UK Police and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Criminal or Civil Litigation
  • Solicitors and Law Firms
  • Fact Finding and Adjudicating Bodies
  • Insurance Companies and Brokers
  • Banking Institutions and Regulators
  • Auditors and Accounting Firms
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Divorce and Family Lawyers
  • Employment Tribunals
  • Private Individuals

Employee Data Theft Examination For Companies

If you suspect your employee is involved in leaking sensitive data to a competitor or is committing data theft in order to set up a rival company, we can help you find the supporting digital evidence. We specialise in employee data theft examinations, business data theft investigations and industrial espionage for SMBs and larger businesses. Our employee data theft specialists will be able to provide you with full range of services available in this field. Ex-employees’ computers and mobile phones can also be examined and investigated for any data breach or data theft as well.


Digital Forensics Certifications


Computer Forensics Technolgy Partners

Computer Forensics Lab specialises in digital forensic investigations involving collection, examination, analysis and reporting of digital evidence stored in computers, mobile phones, memory sticks and external hard drives on behalf of law firms, law enforcement, prosecutors, company management and private individuals. Potential clients can be defence lawyers, prosecutors, government agencies, companies and private individuals looking for digital footprints of fraud, cheating, computer misuse, cyber crime, data theft, industrial espionage and intellectual property violations. Other areas of investigations we cover include digital forgery, online stalking, bullying, hacking and personal privacy breaches for private customers.

Our computer forensic experts assist lawyers, solicitors, investigators, law enforcement in collecting, analysing and reporting thorough, authoritative and legally admissible digital evidence from all digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, CCTV cameras, GPS systems and cloud virtual appliances to prove, disprove, support or defend a legal case. Computer Forensics Lab data forensics examiners can also assist companies with data theft, computer misuse, electronic discovery, incident response management, security audit, data encryption, pen testing and litigation support in cases involving data breaches, regulatory compliance, intellectual property and disputes.

Digital Forensics Expertise -How we can help

Our Computer and Digital Forensic Experts can investigate computers and digital devices in order to analyse data assisting you or your clients by reporting intellectual property theft, employee data breach, banking and insurance fraud.

Social Media, Computer, Smart Phone and Email Forensics Investigations

Computer Forensics Lab experts will be able to examine data from computer hard drives, mobile phones and social media to verify, compare and recover deleted messages and conversations. Digital forensics examiners can report and recover conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Skype and Twitter supporting statement of a claim or complaint in any legal action.

Help For Lawyers, Individual Clients and Prosecution

Our experts can help defence lawyers, complainants and prosecutors with expert witness reports involving data breaches, fraud, computer crime, misuse of digital devices, hacking, computer security breaches, fraudulent email exchanges, online stalking/harassment, digital document verification and forgery.

Business Data Theft For Employers

Another aspect of computer forensics investigations involves industrial espionage by screening cloud data storage, company computers, laptops, mobile devices, CCTVs, digital equipment and flash memory devices for potential data leakage and business data theft. Computer Forensics Lab has been involved in many successful UK prosecutions in this field since 2007.

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