What is incident response?

Incident Response

You must have heard so many times in the news that a company has been hacked or data breaches happened or a company’s computer network has been infiltrated by cyber criminals. The actions taken in order to limit the damage or prevent any future hacks is called “Incident Response“.

In digital forensics terms, “incident response” includes all plans, actions and measures taken by an “Incident Response Team” typically comprised of an appointed IT security expert, computer forensics analyst and the affected organisation’s HR head, IT administrator and one of its executive directors who will impliment measures to limit and prevent further damage to a comapny’s IT infrastructure after a hack or intrusion involving theft, loss or leakage of sensitive data.

Key Tasks of The Incident Response Team

The Incident Response Team also assumes the responsibility to educate employes and how to use IT resources and conduct themnselves in the aftermath of the IT security breach. The team will be headed by an appointed computer forensics expert who will identify all the aspects of the breach (why and how it happened) and what must be done to limit the damage and how to prevent it in future by devising and implimenting a detailed action plan.

Digital Forensics Lab experts have lead and handled numerous incident reponse teams helping businesses to detect and prevent any such incidents by implimenting plans to secure the entire company’s IT infrastructure with professionalism, precision and discretion.

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