electronic discoveryWhat is Electronic Discovery?

Electronic Discovery otherwise known as e-disclosure or electronic disclosure is the process of securing, searching, locating and organising electronic data (including emails, spreadsheets, documents, images, chat logs and media files) on a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer or over a local computer network or cloud network with the intention of using the data based on the criteria given by the client to be used by lawyers, solicitors, investigators, detectives, fact finders, law enforcement agencies, examiners, auditors and company managers as as part of evidence for a civil, criminal, internal inquiry or legal case. This involves presenting the digital evidence in such a manner that all relevant artefacts are readily accessible and searchable by all the intended audience such as the solicitors or the court.

As electronic discovery specialists, we will organise and present the data accurately, methodically cost-effectively and will structure and present it in a format that is admissible and reliable in a civil tribunal, internal inquiry or any court of law in the UK.

Computer Forensic Lab specialists can conduct electronic discovery by securing, searching, locating and organising electronic data stored on any electronic or digital media such as hard disks, memory sticks, mobile phones, laptop computers, media players in order to assist lawyers, solicitors, investigators, detectives or law enforcement agencies.

At Computer Forensic Lab, we do go beyond simply extracting the data from a hard drive or storage media device. Our technicians have the expertise and advanced tools to secure, gather examine, identify and extract any amount of files, folders and data – from which they will provide the evidence you need in preparing, presenting and building case.

E-Dicovery Consultancy & Setting Up E-Disclosure Systems

electronic discovery

Quite often, big or medium sized companies find themselves in situations where they have to provide specific data or documents for regulatory, compliance or legal purposes in short period of time and mostly with strict deadlines. Non-compliance with these requests can result in large fines or sanctions for the company and can have a detrimental effect in its business operations. As any typical company generates vast amounts of electronic data in the form of emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, contracts etc, there must be a system in place which constantly archives and indexes these electronic documents and tags them with specific keywords. Computer Forensics Lab can provide consultancy in implementing a cost-effective and high quality e-discovery system. Alternatively, we can help extract and verify relevant electronic data and prepare it for presentation to the requesting authorities such as the Board of Directors, a regulatory body, tribunal, court or a public inquiry body.

Key Electronic discovery Benefits

Rapid search and retrieval — Speed identification and collection of business, legal, and regulatory information when you use our electronic discovery solutions.

Early case assessment — Quickly determine the merit of a case and understand your negotiation leverage early in the legal process.

Audit trails — Verify compliance through audit trails that help protect against severe fines, damaging publicity, and potential criminal investigations.


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