Specialist Computer Forensics Services

Whether you need professional assistance harvesting digital evidence for a commercial, criminal or corporate investigations, our long-standing expertise across a range of digital forensic services will give you the confidence and advantage you expect from a true computer forensics examiner. Covering all aspects of computer forensics including anything from mobile phone forensics, smart appliances data analysis to expert witness provision and presentation, we will be there to help you. Our team of industry-leading expert digital forensic analysts will support you all the way through with your journey in civil litigation, dispute resolution, data breaches or complex criminal cases.

Specialist Computer Forensics Services

Computer Forensics Lab welcomes instructions for all multi-discipline cases from either prosecution or defence, private clients or a jointly appointed computer forensics expert in all matters involving digital media.

Our investigators are trained to conduct the following computer forensics services

  • Computer memory acquisition and analysis.
  • Digital evidence acquisition, analysis and reporting
  • Digital storage forensics (hard disk drives, SSDs, memory sticks, memory cards, CCTVs etc.)
  • Cloud forensics of virtualised environments such as VMs, VHDs and KVMs.
  • Recovery and data extraction from cloud computers, virtual machines, virtual hard drives, cloud servers and virtualised environments.
  • Forensics data recovery and deleted data reconstruction from hard drives, RAID arrays, mobile devices, memory sticks, cameras and CCTVs.
  • Social media, emails and instant messaging forensics and analytics.
  • Digital document & photo verification/validation.
  • Computer fraud investigation & analysis.
  • Email fraud investigation and attribution.
  • Cybercrime forensics, analysis and attribution.
  • Computer network forensics & analysis.
  • Mobile and embedded device forensics.
  • Digital evidence acquisition, storage and preservation.
  • Database forensics & analysis.
  • Digital forensics and e-disclosure in divorce cases.
  • Electronic discovery & e-disclosure of digital data.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and smart appliance forensics.
  • Company data theft forensics & evidence gathering.
  • Malware & hacking discovery in computers and digital devices.
  • Investigation of online bullying, cyberstalking and invasion of privacy via interception of emails and social media accounts.
  • Breach of contract, IP theft and computer misuse investigation.
  • Financial fraud investigation involving computers, mobile phones, websites and cloud computing.

Specialist data recovery services:

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