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Digital Forensics Lab specialises in all aspects of cyber forensics and computer forensics services. Our computer forensic specialists are able to examine and recover all digital fingerprints from any computer, hard drive or media storage device ensuring that you have all the evidence you need in order to support your investigation. Details of our computer forensics investigations services here.

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Digital Forensic Lab experts work with some of the UK top law firms to uncover and investigate crucial electronic evidence so that they can create a solid, structured and methodical legal case. We are trusted by some of the UK’s biggest government and corporate bodies to investigate, secure and analyse data for legal or ordinary cases presented in court and for internal inquiries or regulatory compliance.


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High standards of professionalism in computer forensics

Our computer forensics team are able to offer professional, methodical and fully compliant computer forensic services. Our digital forensic services follow the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines and can be presented in any tribunal, investigative body or court of law in the UK. Our data forensic investigators are fully trained to carry out any data forensic investigation assigned to them professionally and methodically.

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Digital Forensics Certifications

Students and computer forensics students can check our blog posts on cyber security and digital forensics tools here.