Are all the doors closed to hackers in your public and private computer network? How can penetration testing help you close all loopholes and secure your IT infrastructure?

Penetration Testing

First of all let’s understand what penentration testing is.

Penetration testing otherwise known as “pen testing” is a controlled simulated hacker attack on a computer network to find out how vulnerable it is in the face of any potential agressive enemy cyber attack. In this simulated and managed hacking, the pen tester identifies all the vulnerabilties which can be exploited by attackers. A detailed report is produced by the pen tester will recommend hardening the security of the IT infrastructure in order to prevent any future hacks or data leaks.

All companies certified for PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Secrity Standard) compliance must undergo penetration testing annually to ensure their continued compliance with full security is maintained.

Digital Forensics Lab pen testing service will be able to help all legal and financial institutions identify their IT infrastructure’s security vulnerabilities while hardening their IT security and ensuring they are PCIDSS compliant at all times..

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