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Digital Footprints Everywhere -Digital Forensics Data

What is digital forensics all about? We live and eat digital almost 24 hours 7 days a week. We use computers, make phone calls, send text messages, use social media, watch smart TVs, wear smart watches and in the very near future will drive fully connected self-drive smart cars. Some people already live in smart homes with integrated smart kitchens, sound, heating, lighting and security systems with at least one or several intelligent household self-ordering fridges and washing machines which...

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What is digital forensics?

What is digital forensics? Computer forensics otherwise known as "digital forensics" is a process of electronic discovery to acquire digital evidence, analyse facts and report on a case by examining digital devices such as computers, hard drives or any other storage media or network conducted by a suitably trained computer forensic analyst in order to investigate a claim or allegation. Computer forensics involves 4 basic steps: Acquisition and collection of data Examination Analysis Reporting The forensic investigator must be suitably...

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