Examples of computer forensics services

Computer Forensics Lab specialists forensically analyse all types of computer hard drives, USB memory sticks, cameras and mobile phones. For example, by using cell site analysis, we can track where a phone owner has been. We undertake work on behalf of law enforcement and have been commissioned by a number of UK police forces, retail business, insurance companies and big corporates to undertake computer forensics investigations. If a business has a suspicion that an employee may be involved in intellectual property theft or stealing company data, we can investigate that and find all the digital footprint for the client so that they can prosecute the offending employee using all the solid digital evidence we find and analyse

Public Sector Computer Forensics Services

We also work for a number of public service employers (such as NHS,  who are want to identify employees misusing IT systems, downloading porn or spend their working hours on social media or personal projects). Our investigations can prove or disprove these suspicions. 

Matrimonial Computer Forensics

Sometimes we are asked to investigate high-profile matrimonial cases where the husband had gone from an extremely high net worth to nil just before the divorce in an attempt to hide his assets to avoid losing his wealth to the divorced wifeBy investigating all the digital devices such as computers, memory sticks and mobile phones we managed to find evidence that the husband had indeed hidden his net worth and stashed them in surrogate bank accounts.

Company Data Theft

On another occasion we discovered that one senior company sales manager had asked the IT department of his company to provide him with two memory sticks containing customer data. After investigating this case we found out that he had uploaded the all the data to a remote server and then resigned from the company and set up a rival company using the data he had stolen from his previous employer. With the digital evidence we uncovered from the company network, he was prosecuted and was heavily fined and banned from conducting any similar business.

Advanced Digital Forensics Techniques

Using advanced forensic data recovery techniques , we are able to salvage documents, e-mails , visited websites, keywords searched and any other activity in the digital space even when the client thinks it might have been deleted from the hard drive. 

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