Digital Forensics Investigations For The Legal Professional

We can help you dig out and analyse all the digital evidence for your legal cases

Nowadays any legal case, whether civil or criminal, involves digging out digital evidence from a computer, mobile phone, tablet or email conversations which can incriminate or exonerate your client. We can help you find that evidence, analyse it and report on it in support of your case.

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery

Finding the truth behind the digital space is our job

Computer Forensics Lab specialises in offering the following services for the legal profession in England and Wales:

  • Electronic Discovery of Digital Data
  • Email and Digital Document Analysis
  • Forensic Data Recovery & Digital Device Imaging
  • Matrimonial Cases Involving Digital Forensic Examination
  • Computer-related Fraud Investigations
  • Business Data Theft & Breaches
  • Employee Computer Misuse & Cyber Offences
  • Cybercrime & Hacking Detection
  • Intellectual Property Infringement & Copyright Disputes
  • Investigating Distribution, Making or Possession of Child Pornography in the Digital Space
  • Terrorism related Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Computer and Mobile Device Examination
  • Investigating Sabotage, Blackmail, Libel, Stalking, Bullying in Social Networks
  • Digital Evidence Recovery, Preservation and Secure Archiving
  • Computer Expert Witness Services

With advanced technology solutions and data preservation techniques, Computer Forensics Lab can find and analyse digital data and provide you with answers to the whowhatwhere and when of your case ensuring your win even in complex, high-risk cases.

  • Electronic Discovery of Digital Data – Locating, securing and analysing digital evidence collected from any electronic media device based on your brief for the purpose of submitting to the court. These devices could be computers, phones, tablets, networks and more while the data could be emails, spreadsheets, chat logs, browsing history, media files, social media or even data stored in the cloud.
  • Cell Site Analysis for Mobile Devices – Finding the location of a mobile device based on activity such as calls, text messages or social media interactions. This information can be used to prove or disprove the location of someone at a given time.
  • Forensic Data Recovery – Retrieving data from faulty devices such as a hard drive, memory stick, network drive, SSD, RAID array, CCTV cameras or mobile devices. We can recover data from any digital device suffering from physical, electronic, water or fire damage as well as age.
  • Computer Expert Witness – If required, we can appear in court as a computer expert witness to answer any questions or clarify any points relevant to the digital forensics examination we have undertaken.
  • All our digital forensics investigations comply with Forensics Science Regulator Codes of Practice and Conduct in criminal cases.

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