Computer Forensics Areas of Specialisation

Computer Forensics Lab investigators are trained to conduct the following computer forensics services

  • Computer memory acquisition and analysis.
  • Digital evidence acquisition, analysis and reporting
  • Digital storage forensics (hard disk drives, SSDs, memory sticks, memory cards, CCTVs etc.)
  • Cloud forensics of virtualised environments such as VMs, VHDs and KVMs.
  • Recovery and data extraction from cloud computers, virtual machines, virtual hard drives, cloud servers and virtualised environments.
  • Forensics data recovery and deleted data reconstruction from hard drives, RAID arrays, mobile devices, memory sticks, cameras and CCTVs.
  • Social media, emails and instant messaging forensics and analytics.
  • Digital document & photo verification/validation.
  • Computer fraud investigation & analysis.
  • Email fraud investigation and attribution.
  • Cybercrime forensics, analysis and attribution.
  • Computer network forensics & analysis.
  • Mobile and embedded device forensics.
  • Digital evidence acquisition, storage and preservation.
  • Database forensics & analysis.
  • Digital forensics and e-disclosure in divorce cases.
  • Electronic discovery & e-disclosure of digital data.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and smart appliance forensics.
  • Company data theft forensics & evidence gathering.
  • Malware & hacking discovery in computers and digital devices.
  • Investigation of online bullying, cyberstalking and invasion of privacy via interception of emails and social media accounts.
  • Breach of contract, IP theft and computer misuse investigation.
  • Financial fraud investigation involving computers, mobile phones, websites and cloud computing.

Specialist data recovery services:

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