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Mobile ForensicsWhy mobile forensics is essential in investigations

Mobile forensics examinations are an essential part of any type of digital forensics investigations into criminal or criminal case in the UK.

Nowadays almost everyone owns a mobile phone which in most cases is a smart phone. Smart phones are revolutionary and life changing personal devices which we almost always carry with ourselves. They are not just used for making and receiving phone calls or sending or receiving text messages. You can load any applications doing virtually anything you can dream of. Think of it and there is an app for it. They are almost as powerful as a laptop computer but in a smaller palm size form factor with a super high resolution screen. Among other functionalities, you can take high resolution pictures which are packed with meta data such as time and location which can be crucial in the investigation of a civil or criminal case. Mobile phones effectively function as an intelligent human tracking device with treasure chest of digital evidence waiting to be captured and analysed.

Mobile Forensics Challenges

However extracting data from mobile phones is a specialist skill and is different from capturing data from hard drive and memory sticks. Among challenges faced by computer forensics investigators are countless number of manufacturers, different operating systems, physical damage, water damage, encryption and PIN/password locks.

Digital Forensics Lab technicians have all the equipment and expertise to overcome all these challenges in extracting data from all different types of mobile phones and conduct a full mobile forensics digital evidence capture.

We can help law enforcement, law firms, divorcing couples, private investigators, criminal or civil case defence lawyers. We are able to turn massive heaps of collected data from a mobile device into a meaningful set of facts, isolating the data of interest and creating easily digestible, visual representations of the extracted data.

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