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Computer Forensics LabWho is Computer Forensics Lab? What you need to know about Computer Forensics Lab

Founded in 2007, Computer Forensics Lab has gradually assembled a team of top computer forensics specialists and digital forensics investigators. We have many years of experience in advanced data recovery and digital forensics investigation. Computer Forensics Lab has an excellent track record in delivering professional computer forensic services and advanced data recovery to a growing number of UK government agencies, law firms, solicitors, media companies, businesses, private individuals and law enforcement bodies.

All our data recovery technicians and computer forensic investigators are industry certified and have solid experience in various aspects of computer forensics, electronic discovery, digital forensics investigations and advanced data recovery.

Our experienced computer forensic investigators have given expert witness testimony in UK courts and are fully trained in EnCase, Cellebrite, Forensic Toolkit (FTK), Magnet Axiom, Helix, Kali Linux and in-house developed forensic tools ensuring that comprehensive and complete investigations can be undertaken over a range of media including hard disk drives, network drives, USB external hard drives, RAID arrays, server hard disks, floppy diskettes, memory stick, mobile phones, tablets and flash cards across a wide range of operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, iOS, Android and all major server operating systems used in different digital devices.

Digital forensics expertise requires more than an in-depth familiarity with the latest forensics tools and technologies of the trade.

  • Computer forensics requires deep experience with computer architecture, operations, operating systems internals, network operations, cloud platforms, and data storage systems and devices.
  • Most importantly, digital forensics needs to be conducted by trained IT professionals who follow legally defensible forensics investigation processes in a secure lab. Computer Forensics Lab excels in conducting its investigations in a secure and compliant computer forensics lab to ensure integrity of its investigations and security of the data it handles. Computer Forensics Lab has assembled a team of professionals to conduct its computer forensics investigations in line with legally required criteria as prescribed by laws of the United Kingdom.
  • Our experts include practitioners such as computer forensic specialists, computer hacking forensic investigators, malware analysts, incident handlers and responders, network forensics analysts, and mobile device forensics investigators.
  • We are further assisted by our own team of researchers, analysts, and forensic experts who have proven skills in auditing, privacy, risk management, security assessment, penetration testing, computer security, systems administration, database systems, email administration, wireless networks, cloud platforms, and complex network design and operations.
  • Our digital forensics and discovery methods ensure that collected evidence can stand the rigours of legal scrutiny in UK Crown Courts.
  • Computer Forensics Lab can work with you to investigate computer systems and to determine whether they have been used for criminal or unauthorised civil activities or intellectual property theft.
  • We conduct forensic recovery and analysis on desktops, servers, systems, network devices, mobile devices, IoT devices, cloud platforms, and removable media such as hard drives and memory sticks, in a wide variety of formats. We recover deleted, hidden, and encrypted files, construct system usage activity, and determine whether an intruder has compromised a computer.

Computer Forensic Lab experts help determine any data that the attacker modified, accessed, copied, or deleted. Our specialists, computer hacking investigators, and other digital forensics experts, ensure that our digital forensics investigations, are focused and adhere to industry best practices in obtaining the best results in dealing with data extracted from various storage media, embedded systems and operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Key Specialist Computer Forensics Services:

  • Computer and Mobile Device Examinations
  • Computer Expert Witness
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation Support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • eDiscovery and eDisclosure
  • Digital Email and Document Analysis
  • Investigating Distribution, Making, Possession of Child Pornography
  • Sabotage, Blackmail, Stalking, Bullying and Social Network Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Corporate Business Data Theft
  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Employee Computer Misuse
  • Fraud Investigations Involving Computer Technology
  • Cyber Crime & Hacking Detection

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