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Cell Site AnalysisLocating The Digital Footprints On The Map By Conducting  A Cell Site Analysis

Digital Forensics Lab can provide it clients with “Cell Site Analysis” which enables the client to identify the location of a mobile phone when a call, text message was made, received or social media activity occurred. This type of analysis is essential when the location and timing of an incident is important in discovering or corroborating a fact in the computer forensics investigation process. Digital evidence collected in this way can be instrumental in the outcome of any criminal or civil investigation into mobile devices such as mobile phones, sat navs and tablets.

Collecting Location and Time Sensitive Digital Evidence in Cell Site Analysis

Every time a mobile device or satellite navigation is used, an event is recorded. Using data from the mobile service provider, Digital Forensics Lab specialists will be able to map collected data in order to determine the location where the incident in question happened and when it happened. In other words, Cell Site Analysis is commonly used by law enforcement agencies to confirm that a suspect was indeed in an area during the time in which the incident happened. Increasingly this evidence is used for proving or disproving alibis, demonstrating ‘associations’ or ‘conspiracies.

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